Are You On The Right Path?

Are you listening to your intuition and higher self? Are you allowing your soul to guide you? Or … are you feeling out of alignment with your innermost desires and wondering if you are going in the right direction? Is it time for a life change?

Follow me through this mini-self-assessment to determine if you are on, or off, your life path…

You may not be listening to your intuition and may be ready for a change when:

    • you are in a rut, bored and lackluster
    • you feel so disoriented, you need Garanimals to get dressed in the morning
    • your gut is whining for Pepto-Bismol
    •  you envy a snail for its get-up-and-go
    • you’re so depressed, Charlie Brown has become your motivating force
    • your angry temper tantrums have Yosemite Sam crying for mercy
    • you are so tired, your “blankie” has boundaries for nap time
    • you feel somewhat worthless – like a penny waiting for change
    •  you feel you are such a pain in the butt, even your underwear is on meds
    •  Pity City has become your new destination point
    • you keep bumping your head against the wall
    •  you feel like a cellmate rather than a soulmate
    • you feel numb with loss of heart
    • you feel like a marionette with everyone pulling your strings
    • you have exceeded your procrastination goals
    • your fears have hijacked your brain
    • sleeping is a thing of the past, and being awake is as well
    • you feel like a ship without a rudder
    • your favorite pastime is playing with a lint ball
    • you are sick of being sick
    • you have lost confidence in yourself and your abilities

Conversely, you are listening to your soul and on your life path when you:

    • are in alignment with what you value
    •  listen to your gut and heart, knowing your answers can be found beyond the confines of reason and analytical thinking
    • feel positive about the future
    •  trust, in the face of uncertainty, that everything will work out beautifully
    •  sleep through the night and wake up singing “Zippity do da!”
    • are in the “Zen zone” and are very peaceful
    •  two hours feels like 10 minutes
    • enjoy your work, and your workmates are more like playmates
    •  feel valued
    • follow your inner guidance system over the opinions and expectations of others
    • experience doors opening easily for you, often with a red carpet
    •  are often in the right place at the right time (experience synchronicity)
    • have confidence and grin when you look in the mirror :-)
    • are in the flow, in the zone and immersed in life
    • can change direction with ease when something isn’t working
    • feel creative
    • can resolve problems and make decisions with ease
    • know who you are and what you want
    • do not rush and take personal time
    • are as energetic as Tigger on steroids
    • use your innate talents and strengths in your work. You do work that is fulfilling, has meaning and is enjoyable
    • have a contagious laugh … even when no one is there

If many of the behavioral indicators on the first list describe you, it may be time to change direction! The good news is that it’s the internal struggle and the pain associated with your current situation that will provide the catalyst to propel you forward. We experience cognitive dissonance when we are not in alignment with what we value. It’s our inner conflict that helps us remember what is important, and that helps us bring ourselves back into balance. Having said that, it is difficult to make important and effective life choices under stress.

anxiety depressionOver time, stress is neurotoxic to the brain and literally shrinks higher brain function, negatively affecting our intuitive and decision-making abilities (among many other things). The primitive brain, which is in charge of “fight, flight or freeze” responses, takes over. Neuroplasticity is the process that rewires the brain away from the amygdala and stress reactions to neurological power (this important subject will be discussed in other blogs). For now, you must know that reducing stress is imperative, and a necessary first step, if you are looking for clarity.

If you are not on your life’s path, you can do something about it! Learn how to reduce stress, listen to your inner voice and follow your higher self. I am here to help!  Call me to step into your new life today!  303-506-6745.

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About Karen Storsteen, M.S., M.A.

I am an intuitive therapist. I am known to have “uncanny intuitive gifts” and blend this skill with transpersonal psychology and counseling to help you gain insight, awareness, healing and growth in love, work and life.

Having worked in the fields of human and organizational development for over 25 years, I have counseled and educated hundreds of thousands to self-actualize and reach their greatest potential. I help people let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors so they can experience the miraculous and catapult their lives forward.

Do you need clarity and peace of mind? I am here to assist you whether you are going through a difficult life transition, having relationship issues, seeking career counseling, grieving the loss of a loved one, desiring business consulting, or an intuitive read. I also provide intuitive and self development classes.

I have been featured on ABC, NBC and CBS, Inc. and TED Magazine, and have been a regular on morning radio and several FM/AM and internet radio stations. My work is well-recognized by Fortune 500 leaders, professional organizations (such as Mensa, the High IQ Society and the Project Management Institute), higher education (Regis University, The University of Denver), mental health professionals, the Crime Wire Bureau of Investigations (for finding missing people and solving suspicious crimes intuitively), media and the general public.

I graduated with Honors with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Regis University and a Master of Science in Management and Organization, and Master’s Minor in Finance, from the University of Colorado. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I have numerous certifications in psychological, behavioral and organizational assessment and human-performance improvement technologies.

I provide counseling and business consulting services, as well as intuitive sessions globally and by phone.

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