When Did You Know You Were Psychic?

I am asked this question quite often and recently it occurred to me that it may be time for me to share my story with you.  In the Masters of Psychology program, we are trained as therapists to be a blank slate for our clients and patients.  The thought is that by doing so, we can be a better mirror for you.  This belief was based on Sigmund Freud’s work many years ago and psychoanalytic psychology.  We have learned a lot since then however, and while I understand the reasoning behind this philosophy, and would not take time up in a client session to talk about myself, it’s often through sharing our life stories, struggles and victories that we best relate to and learn from one another.   We each have our own unique and sacred story. I so much appreciate you sharing the most intimate moments of your life with me.  The opportunity to connect so deeply with you is precious to me.

“When did you know you were psychic?”  This question was recently asked by a TV producer while interviewing my daughter and me.  Without any hesitation, my daughter best answered with another question, “When did you know you could see?”   She was born with it, as was I.  It runs in my family.

The word psychic means “of the soul”.  You have a soul and therefore, you are psychic.  Sometimes you will have extraordinary mystical psychic “hits”, while a lot of the time, you won’t even be aware of all of the psychic information you are picking up on a daily basis.  Sometimes it’s a matter of noticing what comes naturally to you, such as synchronistic events, intuitive dreams, and knowing who is on the other end of the phone before you answer it.  As you notice your psychic abilities at play and experiment with them, you will naturally turn-up the volume and better tune-in!

Our soul, genetics, and upbringing all affect the degree to which we are psychic.  Reflect for a moment on how each of these factors may have affected your intuitive abilities.

Based on past life regressions, I am pretty certain that I was a practicing psychic in past lives and my road was not always easy (I believe I was hung and burned at least a few times because of it).  Coming out of the closet as a professional psychic in this lifetime was like jumping off a cliff.  At the time, I had developed a fifteen year career consulting to Fortune 500 companies doing executive coaching, human performance improvement, and developing corporate universities for leaders.  I was a single mom with my own consulting business, supporting two kids, putting one through college, and paying for two houses.  I was going back to school at the time for my second master’s.  I was terrified that when I came out of the closet with my psychic and medium abilities, that many of my corporate clients would shun me and that I would lose many of them.  I worried that my reputation as a serious management consultant would be thrown down the toilet.

Just prior to this time, both of my parents died unexpectedly, just months apart from each other, while I was going through my divorce.  I felt alone and didn’t have back-up.  Connecting with Source was my saving grace and where I gained strength, security and clarity.  Connecting with Divine guidance was where I found solace throughout my life.

As is often the case after we face our greatest fears, we realize in retrospect that what we were afraid of was really an illusion.  Thank God (literally) that when I jumped of the cliff, I flew rather than fell.  As I look back, falling would have been impossible.  I followed very clear messages from Divine guidance and Jesus, as well as my higher self.  As with all of us, it’s about listening to our inner voice and Divine guidance, trusting, and acting with faith.  We have all had times when we have suffered through the inner conflict between staying with the known and what we consider the safe and secure route versus stepping into the unknown, speaking our truth and trusting our higher self.  It can be an arduous transition in our lives to say the least, but it allows us to grow and gain wisdom through our direct experience.  It’s through our direct experience where the real learning occurs.

My purpose for being was clear to me as a child and at the age of fourteen, following a conversation with my dad about the purpose of life, I documented my life’s mission to help people uncover and express their Divine Spirit.  My early career had been an expression of my mission, but I felt the need to unfold and express further to get to the core of what I was really here to do.  All of the beautiful, as well as the painful and traumatic experiences of childhood, prepared me for this unmasking.  I had to let go and let God.  Our ability to listen to our soul and Divine guidance will ALWAYS point us in the right direction.  What a gift it is for us to know that the soul goes on and that death is an illusion.  I wanted to share the consciousness of loved ones on the other side with the grieving here and teach people how to use their intuition to follow their passions and make decisions that would lead them down a peaceful and joyful path.  I had no choice really… I had to jump…

As a side note, right after coming out of the closet, I ran into one of my best childhood friends on Facebook.  She was two years older than me and I used to spend most every weekend at her house when I was a toddler and in elementary school.  We hadn’t spoken for about twenty years.  I said, “You will never believe what I am doing these days.  In addition to being a psychotherapist, I am a psychic-medium!”  I was a little concerned about how she would receive it.   She wrote back and said, “That doesn’t surprise me at all.  Our family didn’t talk about it, but I had a brother who died as a toddler and when you were little, you were always seeing him when you spent the night and talking about him.”  I recalled never being able to sleep at her house so that made sense to me.

I will share more about coming out of the closet with you in a future blog.  As a society, we are gaining a greater understanding of metaphysics and consciousness, but we still have a lot of work to do to normalize psychic ability as a supersense.  What once was thought of as science fiction is now being proven as scientific fact.

As I mentioned, psychic ability runs in my family.  It’s in the genes and my upbringing had a great influence on who I am and what I do now.

My father was a medical doctor and surgeon in private practice.  I still remember him gladly driving his 1965 beat-up Galaxie to make house calls.  As a toddler and years thereafter, my father took me on rounds at the hospital to see patients.  I worked with him in high school.  He loved his work, and his patients, and practiced lovingly until he was 75 years old!  It was not until he was dying of a sudden stroke in the hospital where he had practiced the majority of his career that I happened to see a plaque of recognition to my dad as Chief of Staff.  He didn’t present with an ego and I was always surprised that he rarely showed signs of work stress.  I remember him weeping when his patients passed.  They had become his friends.

Some of you know my dad indirectly through our psychic readings!  Although he passed away 15 years ago at the age of 79, he provides his thoughts from the other side when it comes to your health questions.  He gives you insights about how your psychological blocks can be causing your bodily issues.  He was very empathic and a natural healer and teacher.  I often feel today that I am in private practice with my dad!

He also had a very curious and expansive mind and was eccentric.  As a young child, I remember Beethoven often playing boldly in the background while my father shared the bouquet of his Cabernet with me (he loved his cheap Burgie beer just the same!).  Overwhelmed with gratitude, tears streamed down my father’s face as we went out back to observe the stars.  The adventure often followed by a late night discussion about our galaxy, biology, the purpose of life or Einstein.  My dad, like my mother, never spoke down to me, even though I was quite a bit younger than my other three siblings.  My parents assumed that my siblings and I were ready to embrace pretty much anything they wanted to teach us.  It is probably because of their influence that my kindergarten teacher wanted to bump me up directly to the second grade.

When I was thirteen, I remember “lying out” in our backyard by the pool.  I very much appreciated growing-up on a hill in Southern California overlooking the ocean.  On this sunny summer’s day, my father was on the other side of the yard exploring when I heard him excitedly call me over to where he was kneeling.  He said, “Karen!  Come here!  You have to check this out! What the heck?  How do you think this thing got here?  That’s interesting!”  Honestly, I was relaxing and although I always wanted to support my dad in his new findings, I felt lazy and didn’t want to move.  I was sunbathing after all and at thirteen, that’s a big job!  My dad’s enthusiasm wouldn’t let up and so I reluctantly went over to see the specimen he was raving about.  I asked in a disinterested tone, “What is it dad?”  And in utter wonderment he replied, “I think it’s a weed!”

Being psychic is kind of like that… Although my dad would never say he was psychic, didn’t think of himself as psychic, never read any of my mother’s books from her metaphysical library, or participated in her psychic classes back in the 60’s at UCLA, he was definitely highly psychic!  It was because of his psychic ability that he saved my mom’s life (that’s another story) and many of his patient’s lives.  He recalled seeing his deceased mother at the end of his bed (which is pretty common, have you ever had the experience?), but what I am really talking about here isn’t those bold, in your face, kind of experiences.  I am speaking about a general way of living in and experiencing the world.

Our psychic and intuitive ability is greatly heightened when we live in the present moment; when we are in absolute awe in the presence of beauty whether we are witnessing a beautiful sunset, moved by a romantic song, eating chocolate cake, or even finding delight in a newly discovered weed!  We are far more psychic when we are curious, playful, and childlike.  We are more psychic when we approach life with heartfelt gratitude and do not let the illusions of our egoic mind imprison us in fear and stress.  We are psychic when we are doing work that has meaning and significance to us and that allows us to contribute using our greatest talents.  It’s about being in-tune with ourselves and to feel and embrace the totality of our being.  When we feel all of our emotions, have empathy for ourselves and accept and love ourselves unconditionally, something magical occurs.  When we are connected body, mind and Spirit, we realize the difference between us is an illusion.  We realize we are connected to everything that exists.  We are connected to the cosmos, nature, animals, people, and to all planes and dimensions.  We are aware of our omnipresence.  We feel into the world of the mystical even when we are doing the mundane.

When we have empathy for ourselves, we can heal ourselves.  When we have self-empathy, we can feel deeply into the world of another and help others heal.  To be an empath is to be psychic.

From as early as I can remember, I empathized with others and could feel into their inner world.  Before the age of seven, I remember commonly asking adults how they were doing and they would say something like, “I’m doing well!  How are you?”  But their words often sounded off to me.  Why when they said they were fine was I feeling their pain?  It was as if two conversations were happening at the same time.  One was what they said aloud, while the other was coming from their heart and soul. The two conversations didn’t match up and it was as if there was static on the line.  Their soul would always have a greater resonance with me.  As a side note, most children are more in-tune and expressive with their feelings so I didn’t have the dissonance with other children typically, like I had experienced with adults.

Unlike a lot of healthy children however, I kept my feelings to myself. I identified with the adults who said they were “fine”, because I too felt I had to be fine, otherwise the chaos and conflict in my family would be too overwhelming and make matters worse (of course this is what a child believes and it’s not true – a child cannot save or break a dysfunctional family system).  Early and repeated childhood trauma stemming from my mother’s alcoholism, contributed to my sixth sense.  Many of you understand being hyperaware due to childhood trauma, whether caused by alcoholism or otherwise.   Children of alcoholics often have a keen sense of observation to ensure the safety of themselves, the alcoholic parent and/or other family members.  I was frustrated, angry, and had an undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder that I carried until healing it finally in my thirties.  As an important side note, when I healed my stress disorder my psychic abilities went through the roof! As a child, I also felt great empathy for my mother, siblings and father.  This empathy led me to play a support, “counselor” role to my father and friends from as early as I can remember and… well you know what I do for a living!

I believe our greatest wounds are a wake-up to our calling.  Wanting to see my wise mother reach her potential was one of the key catalysts to helping others realize theirs and paved the way for the work I am doing toward my own self-actualization.

To be continued…