YOU Are More Than Enough!

21158022_sSo often we can be hard on ourselves and be our own worst enemy!  We focus on what we haven’t done rather than what we have done or what we have done wrong rather than what we have done right!

Many wonderful things can happen during our day and often we focus on that one tiny thing we said or did that didn’t go as planned.  Suddenly we are obsessed with our perceived mishap, feel inadequate and forget who we are!

I often hear people say in anguish, “I thought I would be further along by now…”  “Why do I keep attracting the same thing in my life?”  “Why did I put up with that for so long?”  “When will things go my way?”  “Why aren’t my dreams coming true?”  “Why does everything take so long?”  Then a new year arrives giving us promise of a new and better life, but often not without the stress of feeling like we need to do a major overall!

So I am here to remind you that you are already enough!  As a case in point, let’s look at everything you have learned and accomplished over the year.  Often we lose sight of how far we have come.  In addition, perhaps we should reframe how we measure our success!

Take a deep breath and relax as you reflect on my questions below…

What were your most challenging times last year?

What inner strengths did you use to pull yourself through or to propel you forward?

What were the outcomes from your efforts?

What were the most significant changes in your life?

What were your most significant lessons learned?  How did you change your perspective?

What did you do differently than in the prior year or years? What did you stop doing? What did you start doing?

How did you take care of yourself?

What positive contributions did you make?

What are your measures of success?  Do they reflect what is most important to you and your values?

To move yourself forward, what are the small life changes that you can make every day that will have the greatest long-term impact?

Let’s appreciate the present moment and know that all of the experiences we’ve been through are a blessing, even if we can’t yet see the gifts yet.

Who is Karen Storsteen?

Karen Storsteen, M.S, M.A.,  has  worked in the fields of human and organizational development for over twenty-five years and educated and counseled hundreds of thousands to self-actualize and reach their greatest potential. Storsteen has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and has been a regular on morning radio and several FM/AM and internet radio stations.

Her work is well recognized by Fortune 500 leaders, professional organizations (such as the Mensa the High IQ Society), higher education, the media and general public. Known for her “supersensory and uncanny intuitive gifts”, Karen blends this talent with proven psychological methods to help people gain instant insight and awareness in love, work and life. She helps people let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors so they may experience the miraculous and catapult their lives forward.

She provides counseling and intuitive sessions, as well as business consulting services globally and by phone.

Storsteen graduated with Honors with a Master of Arts in Psychology from Regis University,. She also holds a Master of Science in Management and Organization, and Master’s Minor in Finance, from the University of Colorado, and Bachelor of Science in Business Management.